Consensus Activity
Lego Consensus Activity
Posted on 10/10/2017
2nd grade students working together to build with LegosPosoh!  Posoh means hello in the Menominee language. 

 Students in Mrs. Terzich's second grade classroom completed a Lego consensus activity, which emphasized how members of the Iroquois Confederacy make decisions.  Thank you to Mrs. Grignon for the suggested activity and resources.  The students learned that the goal in decision-making is to look at the best interest of all people.  Consensus does not mean that all agree but that all understand the decision. 

 Each group of students received a set of Legos.  As a group they had to come to a consensus about what to build to make our community a better place.  All three groups built homes with their Legos to assist people who are homeless. 

Ms. Terzich's class will be working with Mrs. Grignon this school year to deepen their understanding about Native Americans.  

Check out pictures of this activity here. 
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